About us

Who we are?

The Cedar Mentorship program is a 3 faceted program that serves to connect secondary school pupils and teenagers (ages 13-19) in Nigeria with adult Nigerian professionals locally and in the diaspora.

Background of the “Cedar”

The name Cedar was chosen because of the Cedar tree. Just like the Cedar tree grows downwards (in that it takes its root downwards, deeper than other trees), the Cedar Mentorship Program is fundamentally taking our Mentees through the process and showing them the best way to take root. In their personal and professional lives because that is the only way they can shine and be outstanding.

The Mentorship Program is a depth/character training program. The Cedar tree has other characteristics but the most important characteristic is that it has posterity and prosperity. In the sense that even when our Mentees are no more, their impact would still be felt on earth.

History, background and values

The Cedar Mentorship Program is a program of the One Act of Peace Initiative (www.actofpeace.org) which was started in Abuja, Nigeria in April 2013. The objective of the Mentorship program is to have Mentors share stories, advice, offer support and guidance in academic achievement, vocational and career direction, social life improvement, and business generation.

Teenagers of today must cope with far more personal and social pressures than any other previous generation of youth. Early intervention through a structured mentor relationship may be able to give young people the tools and support they need to deal effectively with these pressures. Some of the issues teenagers deal with include: peer pressure, substance abuse, sexuality, child abuse and family violence, school safety and violence, depression and suicide, nutrition and healthcare, faith and religion, social and time management, and career exploration.

Our mission is to improve the lives of teenagers and enable them to become productive, responsible citizens by creating one-to-one mentoring relationships between them and qualified adult volunteers.

Our vision is to create a community where each teenager has a balanced view of themselves and a defined purpose for their lives, understanding that they have a role to play in the world. We do this through our 3 faceted program.

Supporters & partners

  • The One Act of Peace Initiative
  • Cornerstone Montessori Schools
  • Sweet Nations Foods

Our most important values in relating with our mentees are:

  • Awareness – Being informed about different cultures, ways of life and the uniqueness of each individual.
  • Tolerance – Having a fair, objective and permissive attitude towards those opinions, beliefs, values are different from ours.
  • Respect – To show regard for an individual’s preferences, values and way of life.

Our most important values which we strive to influence in our mentees are:

  • Courage – The willingness to take calculated risks and step outside of one’s comfort zone.
  • Growth – Investing in lifelong learning, personal development, self-education.
  • Integrity – Words and deeds match up. I am who I am; no matter where I am or who I am with.