The Cedar Mentorship program is designed to teach our teens the most fundamental principles for success and help them find their role in this world.

The objective is to have Mentors share stories, advice, offer support and guidance in business generation, professional excellence, academic achievement, and social life improvement.

The Cedar Mentorship Program also offers a counselling session every Saturday for our mentees.

Our mentees are required to participate in community service activities either by themselves or with the counselors in the One Act of Peace Initiative program. This occurs twice a month.

Benefits of having a mentor

As a mentee, there are too many benefits, some of these include:

Exposure to a positive role model, there is obviously the opportunity to explore learning and benefit from someone else’s focus and expertise, either in a particular subject or in supporting the learning process. Another benefit is learning to focus on your future and on setting academic and career goals. This is augmented by an increased sense of confidence, self-esteem, emotional and social growth.

Application and Screening Process

  1. Fill the information box in the application form and we will send you: an orientation page, policies and procedures and an application form.
  2. Fill the application form and send back to (offline application)
  3. Our coordinators will review both applications (offline and online) and perform some or all of the following:- Contact personal and professional references- Criminal records check- Face to face visit- A phone interview- Additional assessments (essays) to assess your need

Upon successful screening, each mentee will be contacted via email or phone.

Learn the fundamentals of success!

How to Apply

There are two methods to apply as a mentee in the Cedar Mentorship Program:

  • Online Application
  • Offline Application

For the online application, Click here to be directed to the mentee application page.

For the offline application, click here to download the mentee application form.

Fill the form and email it to


Parental consent is required before enrollment in the program.

Upon acceptance into the program, mentees are required to read, acknowledge and sign our Code of Conduct.

Mentees are also required to participate in the 3 facets of our program: One to one mentorship, community service activities and leadership development book club.

For more information, email us at or contact us by phone +234 (0) 818 613 0344