What is mentoring?

Mentoring is when a trusted and experienced individual freely acts as a friend, advisor, coach, guide, teacher or role model to someone less experienced and in need of such a relationship.

The acronym below summarizes what a mentor does:
  • M – Manage the Relationship
  • E – Encourage
  • N – Nurture
  • T – Teach
  • O – Offer Mutual Respect
  • R – Respond to the learner’s needs

Positive outcomes of participating as a Mentor

Mentors gain personal and professional satisfaction in helping youth. It is always nice to feel that we are doing something valuable and supporting someone else. A mentoring relationship may also be a useful opportunity to work on a leadership style, particularly coaching, or other communication skills without comments from co-workers about the change. Mentors also gain improved interpersonal skills and get a deeper understanding of teen and societal problems. Mentors also add value to their communities and to the future.

Despite the benefits of being a mentor, mentoring relationships are not for everyone but a good and productive mentoring relationship with the right person will provide huge benefits to both parties.

Attributes of a Mentor

  • Believe in the ability of others.
  • Show empathy and understanding.
  • Be open to sharing of feelings and ideas.
  • Display the integrity required to generate trust.
  • Be open to receiving feedback from others.
  • Be flexible in their approach.
  • Be able to delegate.
  • Be able to help others to put learning into practice.
  • Be able to talk to people about their careers.
  • Be an effective communicator – both verbal and written.
  • Be able to give constructive feedback.
  • Handle conflicts constructively.
  • Be able to provide structures and procedures to support the process.
  • Be able to solve problems effectively and objectively.

Building relationships that inspire growth!

How to Apply

There are two methods to apply for mentorship in the Cedar Mentorship Program:

  • Online Application
  • Offline Application

For the online application, Click here to be directed to the mentorship application page.

For the offline application, click here to download the mentorship application form.

Fill the form and email it to info@cedarmentorship.org

Our coordinators will review both applications (offline and online) and perform some or all of the following:

– Contact personal and professional references

– Criminal records check

– Face to face visit

– A phone interview

Upon successful screening, each mentor will be contacted via email or phone.

Upon acceptance into the program, Mentors are required to read, acknowledge and sign our Code of Conduct. Mentors are also required to go through some online reading.