About Our Program

The Cedar Mentorship Program is a 3 faceted program that was designed to tailor to the most fundamental needs of our mentees. This program was well thought out and designed to create balanced, driven and responsible citizens.

Get Involved

Become a mentor

Mentors gain personal and professional satisfaction in helping youth. It is always nice to feel that we are doing something valuable and supporting someone else. A mentoring relationship may also be a useful opportunity to work on a leadership style, particularly coaching, or other communication skills without comments from co-workers about the change. Mentors also gain improved interpersonal skills and get a deeper understanding of teen and societal problems. Mentors also add value to their communities and to the future.

Despite the benefits of being a mentor, mentoring relationships are not for everyone but a good and productive mentoring relationship with the right person will provide huge benefits to both parties.

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Become a mentee

The Cedar Mentorship program is designed to teach our teens the most fundamental principles for success and help them find their role in this world.

As a mentee, there are too many benefits, some of these include:

Exposure to a positive role model, there is obviously the opportunity to explore learning and benefit from someone else’s focus and expertise, either in a particular subject or in supporting the learning process. Another benefit is learning to focus on your future and on setting academic and career goals. This is augmented by an increased sense of confidence, self-esteem, emotional and social growth.

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Become a Mentor

Mentoring is when a trusted and experienced individual freely acts as a friend, advisor, coach, guide, teacher or role model to someone less experienced and in need of such a relationship.

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